12 Years Of Slave Heckler!

Jan 7, 2014 | G-BLOG | 0 comments

12 Years Of Slave Director Gets Heckled At By Film Critic

At New York Film Critics Circle Awards last night, film critic and noted contrarian Armond White decided it would be a great idea to heckle 12 Years a Slave director Steve McQueen as the director accepted an award on stage. FromVariety:
McQueen had just accepted his prize for “12 Years a Slave,” presented by Harry Belafonte, when the interruption broke out.
As soon as McQueen took the stage, White started shouting from his table at the back of the room. “Youre an embarrassing doorman and garbage man,” White boomed. “F*** you. Kiss my ass.”
McQueen either didnt hear the comments or pretended not to. He thanked the critics group for honoring him with an award previously given to John Ford and Woody Allen, at which point White hissed “pulease.”
Variety doesn’t specify whether or not White was drunk at the event (even though it kind of sounds like he REALLY WAS), but eyewitness tweets suggest otherwise.
Source: ComplexMag.com

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