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Kanye Still In Trouble



“Bad boy, bad boy, whatcha gonna do?…”


Los Angeles city prosecutors have reportedly charged multi-platinum rapper Kayne West, with charges of misdemeanor battery and attempted grand theft from July’s altercation between West, and a celebrity photographer.



None of the charges are felonies, and it’s doubtful Kanye will end up behind bars, even though each charge carries up to six months jail time or a $1,000 fine… That’s good for baby North!




As for the photographer, Daniel Ramos who calls himself a “filmmaker”, he has sought legal counsel and in a public statement back in July with lawyer Gloria Allred,  he said he spent two weeks on crutches after the attack, and was walking with a cane for some time. He says he was in a lot of pain for a time… ouch! Would hate to be him…



So readers, do you think Kanye should be off the hook for this latest misdemeanour or should he face jail time?



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