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Some British parking lots letting drivers pay with horse chestnuts instead of cash

How will you be paying today?… Cash or chestnuts?…



Town Centre Car Parks, a British run parking lot in the English cities of Leeds and Manchester are temporarily allowing drivers to pay in horse chestnuts, (which fall from horse chestnut trees each autumn) for parking time at a rate of 20 pence (32 cents) apiece.



The “Bonkers for Conkers” campaign was due to end Sunday, but it has been extended by the company until further notice and is aimed to raise awareness about carbon emissions from automobiles and it plans to sponsor a forest to help offset carbon emissions.



So far the campaign has collected about 1,500 of the nuts, (known as conkers after the traditional schoolyard game in which children try to smash them) and is being accepted at staffed parking lots… NOT in the automated ticket machines.




It’s unknown what the company will do with the conkers after the campaign, perhaps a community-wide picnic day?

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