2 Year-Old Boy’s body found after being taken by an alligator.

Jun 15, 2016 | G-BLOG | 0 comments

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The body of the 2-year-old Lane Graves who was snatched from the shoreline by an alligator at a Disney hotel in Orlando, Florida has been found. After analyzing the boy’s body (which was found intact,) police believe that the alligator drowned the child.

The Orange County sheriff said Lane’s body was located 10-15 yards from where he was pulled under water, in about 6 feet of water. As earlier reported, there were no signs warning of alligators in the water at the Disney Resort and this was the first alligator incident in the resort’s 45-year history.

A representative for the ‘Fish and Wildlife’ organization says the investigation into which alligator was responsible for the child’s death is ongoing, as they have run tests 5 alligators so far with no match.

Source: TMZ.com/Image: http://si.wsj.net/

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