Ontario’s minimum wage to increase by $15 by January 2018!

May 30, 2017 | G-BLOG | 0 comments

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The provincial government announced this morning a plan to increase the minimum wage by $15 an hour by January 2019.

The increase will be span out over the next 18 months, rising to $14 an hour by January 2018 and then $15 by the following January. The minimum wage will then raise annually with inflation.

“People are working longer, jobs are less secure, benefits are harder to come by and protections are fewer and fewer,” said Ontario Premier Kathleen Wynne in the announcement. “In a time of change like this, when the very nature of work is being transformed, we need to make certain that our workers are treated fairly.”

Ontario is the second province to go ahead with $15 an hour minimum wage, a few months after Alberta does same.

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