8 Year Dispute over 1999 hit song still dogs Jay Z, Timbaland

Oct 20, 2015 | G-BLOG | 0 comments

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It’s been an 8 year battle, but Jay Z and Timberland finally had to sit in a courtroom and listen to witnesses pick apart their hit 1999 song “Big Pimpin.”
The men are in court in a legal battle over using elements of a 1950s Egyptian love ballad by the late composer Baligh Hamdi. They are being sued by Hamid’s nephew who accuses the artist and their labels of never getting the proper permission to use the ballad in the song “Khosara Khosara.”
Jay and Timberland say they did get proper permission in 2001 and in fact Hamdi’s nephew has already been paid—to the tune of 100 grand. So for now, an eight member jury will wade through years worth of contracts, correspondence and agreements before testimony comes to a close tomorrow.
Source: Stripes.com/Image: static.spin.com
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