Advocacy group calls out T&T President.

Sep 26, 2016 | Caribbean | 0 comments

An Advocacy group in Trinidad and Tobago has called on President Anthony Carmona to answer a number of questions on issues about expenditure at his Office and President’s House.


The group – Fixin T&T says Carmona must answer questions about the 85 cases of incorrect classifications of expenditure exceeding 2.6-million dollars.


The group has made a Freedom of Information Request for the list of all the persons employed by the office of the President since March of 2013 and their salaries.


The request was however denied as a letter from the President’s office says the request does not apply under the act.


Fixin T&T is calling on Carmona to answer their questions comprehensively and satisfactorily or resign.


Additionally, it’s calling for the Constitution to be amended to protect the Office of the President and the People of Trinidad and Tobago.

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