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If today is your birthday, then you share it with the following celebs:
Ryan Higa (Better known by his YouTube username Nigahiga, he is known for his comedy videos including the popular “Nice Guys,” “How to be Gangster,” and “The ipod Human.” He accumulated more than 12 million subscribers and 1.8 billion views in the channel’s first 8 years) – 24
Robert Englund (Character actor who skyrocketed to horror fame for playing Freddy Kruger in A Nightmare on Elm Street. His acting in A Nightmare on Elm Street 3: Dream Warriors, earned him a nomination for Best Supporting Actor.) – 67
Jason Isaacs (Played the lead role of Michael Britten in the sci-fi TV series, Awake and is perhaps best known as Lucius Malfoy in the Harry Potter film franchise.) – 51
Gary U.S. Bonds (Rock singer-songwriter whose first big hit was “New Orleans.” He has collaborated with artists like Steven Van Zandt.) – 75
Paul Giamatti (Oscar-nominated actor who played lead roles on Sideways, Saving Private Ryan, and Cinderella Man. During the 2000s, he played lead roles in The Illusionist, Win Win, and Barney’s Vision.) – 47
Tommie Smith (American track and field athlete who was the first person to break the 20-second barrier in the 200-meter dash in the 1968 Summer Olympics.) – 70
Sandra Bernhard (Loose-lipped comedienne, actress, singer, and author known for her critiques of celebrity culture and political figures. She joined the cast of ABC Family’s Switched At Birth in 2014.) – 59

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