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If today is your birthday, then you share it with the following celebs:
Jacob Hoggard (Rock singer who placed third on the second season of Canadian Idol who is also the frontman of the band Hedley.) – 30
Tom Hanks (Legendary actor who won back-to-back Oscars for Philadelphia in 1993 and Forrest Gump in 1994. He has starred in many other classics, including Cast Away, The Green Mile, Saving Private Ryan, and Apollo 13.) – 58
O.J. Simpson (Heisman Trophy Winner and member of the Pro Football Hall of Fame who was put on trial in 1994 for the murder of his wife, Nicole Brown Simpson, and a waiter, Ronald Goldman. He was acquitted of the charges after a widely disputed verdict.) – 67
Courtney Love (Rock singer, movie actress, and widow of Kurt Cobain. She was also the frontwoman in the rock band Hole.) – 50
Jack White (Guitarist, vocalist, and founder of garage band The White Stripes who went on to assemble other groups like The Dead Weather.) – 39
Kiely Williams (Youngest member of The Cheetah Girls who was also a member of 3LW and released solo tracks like “Make Me a Drink.”) – 28
Fred Savage (Played the role of Kevin Arnold on the television drama, The Wonder Years and has found success as a comic television director.) – 38
Nigel Lythgoe (Creator and producer of American Idol and So You Think You Can Dance on which he also served as a judge.) – 65
Kevin O’Leary (Canadian businessman who founded the software company SoftKey and starred as an investor on Shark Tank, the ABC reality series.) – 60
Ed Ames (Actor and member of the singing group the Ames Brothers who sang “When the Snow is on the Roses.” He also sang on the single “My Cup Runneth Over.”) – 87
Scott Grimes (American film, television, and voice actor and musician who has played many roles including that of Will McCorckle on the series, Party of Five.) – 43
John Tesh (Successful pop star and host of the popular Intelligence for Your Life radio show. He was also a former Entertainment Tonight co-host.) – 62
Richard Roundtree (Blaxploitation actor who played John Shaft in the original Shaft film. He also starred in its sequels, Shaft’s Big Score and Shaft in Africa.) – 72

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