Bitter Sweet! – T.O. Officer Conducts Hot Car Experiment

Jul 19, 2013 | G-BLOG | 0 comments

One Toronto Police officer has been fed up with irresponsible parents and pet owners…

There have been many recent reports of young Toronto children facing excruciating temperatures when left inside vehicles.

Two have reportedly died.

So last Wednesday July, 17th Detective Jeff Bangild  (@ came up with an experiment to use his hot vehicle to bake one dozen…. PILLSBURY COOKIES!!!

He parked his car at the Appleby GO Station just outside of Burlington at 6:30pm.

Then Bangild returned to the parking lot around 12:45pm to check on the cookies – not much change.

So he moved the cookies to his dashboard to speed up the process.

It worked! The cookies were almost cooked 30 minutes after Bangild had moved them, with the temperature he said reaching far above his temperature gauge actually read!

Bangild said he hopes people understand the message that he’s trying to send.

It’s definitely clear: Parents: TAKE YOUR KIDS AND PETS WITH YOU!!!

(See full hot car experiment tweet details via Twitter at @TPSDetBangild!)

Source: Toronto Sun

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