Bob Marley Snapchat filter critized due to 4/20 celebrations.

Apr 20, 2016 | G-BLOG | 0 comments

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Today, April 20, has been dubbed the so-called celebration of marijuana day and in honour of that, Snapchat launched a Bob Marley filter.



The launch was however not well received as some are angry that the reggae legend is being portrayed as “nothing more than a weed mascot”. Others say the filter is offensive because it encourages white users to “black up”.



The day known as “4/20” seems to originate from a group of friends in California back in 1971.The group met after school at 4:20pm on 20 April and went in search of a crop of marijuana north-west of San Francisco.



The farm was never actually discovered but the group smoked cannabis the whole time and began referring to the day as 4/20. The term spread and it is still marked today, 45 years on.



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