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Stockholm attack: 'Suspect device' in Sweden crash lorry

Police question the suspect, who they say is from Uzbekistan and known to the authorities. Click here to read full story

Syria war: US 'disappointed' at Russia's Syria stance

Secretary of State Rex Tillerson says he is “not surprised” by Russia’s reaction to the US strikes. Click here to read full story

Where will the EU's real centre be after Brexit?

People living in a tiny Bavarian hamlet will be at the geographical centre of the EU after Brexit. Click here to read full story

Pearl Jam, Tupac and Joan Baez join Rock and Roll Hall of Fame

Tupac, Pearl Jam and Joan Baez were among the new inductees celebrated in New York. Click here to read full story

Barrie Chase recalls 'Fred Astaire's indefinable magic'

Dancer Barrie Chase speaks to BBC Breakfast about dancing with the legendary Fred Astaire. Click here to read full story

Emma Stone responds to prom invite with letter

Oscar winning actress Emma Stone responds to prom invite from Arizona teenager. Click here to read full story

Dalai Lama's rapturous welcome at Buddhist monastery

The Tibetan spiritual leader speaks to huge crowds at a monastery near India’s border with China. Click here to read full story

Hillary Clinton vs. Donald Trump face-off tonight!

The stage is set for Republican Donald Trump and Democrat Hillary Clinton to face off in what could be the defining moment of the 2016 campaign. Click to read full story.

Brazil President Awaits Impeachment.

Police in Brazil’s capital are on stand by for protests as the country await the outcome of a congressional committee vote.   The vote is a key step in the process to impeach President Dilma Rousseff.   The 65-member committee will decide whether to recommend impeachment over allegations she manipulated government accounts to hide a Read More

New humane ways to handle European asylum seekers have been developed

The European Commission has developed alternatives for a more humane and efficient way of handling asylum. The new measures are in response to the current migrant crisis. Among the options is a plan to scrap a rule for refugees to claim asylum in the country they arrive in.   The present EU system is widely thought to Read More

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