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Late author 'helped catch serial killer'

Comedian Patton Oswalt says his late wife’s bestselling book helped identify suspected California killer. Click here to read full story

Spain 'wolf pack' gang jailed for sex attack in Pamplona

The five men, accused of gang-raping a woman, are found guilty of sexual abuse but acquitted of rape. Click here to read full story

Michael Cohen: Trump's lawyer to plead Fifth Amendment in Daniels case

Michael Cohen invokes his right to remain silent in the case of adult film star Stormy Daniels. Click here to read full story

Macron believes Trump will drop Iran nuclear deal

France’s leader admits he may have failed to persuade his US counterpart to stick to the 2015 accord. Click here to read full story

Crossing Divides: Austrian group helps deaf refugees learn sign language

An Austrian organisation teaches sign language and written German to asylum seekers and refugees. Click here to read full story

'Real bodies' exhibition causes controversy in Australia

Organisers reject an assertion that the exhibition may contain executed Chinese political prisoners. Click here to read full story

Hillary Clinton vs. Donald Trump face-off tonight!

The stage is set for Republican Donald Trump and Democrat Hillary Clinton to face off in what could be the defining moment of the 2016 campaign. Click to read full story.

Brazil President Awaits Impeachment.

Police in Brazil’s capital are on stand by for protests as the country await the outcome of a congressional committee vote.   The vote is a key step in the process to impeach President Dilma Rousseff.   The 65-member committee will decide whether to recommend impeachment over allegations she manipulated government accounts to hide a Read More

New humane ways to handle European asylum seekers have been developed

The European Commission has developed alternatives for a more humane and efficient way of handling asylum. The new measures are in response to the current migrant crisis. Among the options is a plan to scrap a rule for refugees to claim asylum in the country they arrive in.   The present EU system is widely thought to Read More

Man hijacks EgyptAir Plane and forces crew to land in Cyprus.

A man, wearing what authorities said was a fake suicide belt hijacked EgyptAir plane Airbus 320 earlier today.   The man, who officials say seemed unstable, was later arrested after giving himself up,.   The passengers and crew were unharmed.   The reason for the takeover is not certain as officials say conflicting theories emerged Read More

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