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From inner-city kid to management trainee

WHITEHOUSE, Westmoreland — Each year, hundreds of intelligent young people from all walks of life, with stars in their eyes and fire in their hearts, apply for the Sandals Resorts International Management Trainee Programme. Only a select few, those with that special something, are chosen. Click here to read full story

Should I introduce myself at the interview?

Dear Career Advisor:Please let me know if it is okay to introduce myself at an interview. I have been on interviews and felt a bit awkward and unsure about whether I should introduce myself or not.Regards,Alecia R Dear Alecia: Click here to read full story

Fairfield Int'l hosts corporate open house

At the invitation of the governing board of Fairfield International Academy, chaired by Lisa Lake and Adam Stewart, businessowners and managers from Montego Bay and surrounding communities attended a corporate open house at the academy on February 1 to learn about the school’s range of offerings. Click here to read full story

Bio Plastic, PreeLab top Vincent HoSang/UWI venture competition

The Vincent HoSang UWI Venture Competition, first introduced in November 2002, was staged on January 30. It encourages members of the university community to use their talents and skills to harness ideas and opportunities that can be grown into full-fledged businesses. Students from across all faculties are encouraged to participate in an effort to unleash Read More

Ensure students eat, are relaxed before PEP — MOE

Parents are being encouraged to give their children moral support for the sitting of the new Primary Exit Profile (PEP), beginning on February 26.The students will be among the first cohort to sit the Ability Test component at 1,104 centres across the island. Click here to read full story

Education key to growth, economic development – UWI principal

Pro-Vice Chancellor and Principal of The University of the West Indies (The UWI) Professor Dale Webber is encouraging parents to start saving for their children’s college or university education as soon as they are able to, arguing that education is an investment in the individual as well as the country and is therefore key to Read More

UWI selected to lead climate-smart world

The International Association of Universities (IAU) selected The University of the West Indies ( t he UWI) as its global leader in the mobilisation of research and advocacy for the achievement of a climate-smart world. The IAU designated The UWI in recognition of the university’s decades of world-class research on climate change and sustainable development. Read More

Aulous Madden is Rotary Club of Kingston's Vocational Services Awardee 2019

Respected Jamaican chartered accountant Aulous Madden, who was instrumental in the establishment of the Institute of Chartered Accountants of the Caribbean (ICAC) in 1988, has received the prestigious 2019 Vocational Services Award from the Rotary Club of Kingston. Click here to read full story

Bay Farm and biochem – Alexandra Dixon's quest for success

Imagine growing up in a community awash with negative influences — the replicating imagery of teenage mothers among them. For 22-year-old Alexandra Dixon, and countless other Jamaicans, this is not hard to imagine — it is their reality. Click here to read full story

Protecting children and their grades from impact of divorce

Divorce, which manifests in the physical separation of parents, represents a major crisis for all children, regardless of their age. Delaying it until the kids are ‘old enough’ is a common excuse adults repeat, but research has shown that adolescents and young adults do not suffer any less than younger children do. Click here to Read More

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