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The need for a collective Caricom foreign policy

MONDAY, January 21, 2019 was the 99th anniversary of the birth of Barbadian national hero and Caribbean integrationist par excellence Errol Walton Barrow, and was celebrated in Barbados as Errol Barrow Day, a national public holiday. I would like to focus on the role that Barrow played during his illustrious career as an architect of Read More

A Passion for Cooking

At 17, Steveray Smith had a choice to make. According to the law his mother laid down, he was either going to become an electrician, study business, or do food preparation.The decision was easy.“I loved the food preparation course in high school and often skipped classes to be in the food lab,” he says. Now Read More

NCST, SRC helping innovators commercialise ideas

The National Commission on Science and Technology (NCST) and the Scientific Research Council (SRC) are galvanising their resources to help local innovators develop their ideas for commercialisation.The objective is to increase the role of science, technology and innovation in achieving sustainable social and economic development. Click here to read full story

HR management for the new millennium

Gone (or going) are the days when human resource (HR) management was seen as a luxury, or necessary evil. With labour laws as they are now and growing focus on gender equality and equity in society and the work- space, it seems the HR practitioner will soon require a law degree to operate optimally. Welcome Read More

Help! I thought 'links' would land me the job, not an interview

Dear Career Advisor: Click here to read full story

What women, people of colour need to land top jobs

All successful leaders have it. Professionals tapped for promotion tend to exude it. Beyond sterling job performance and hard work, they must look and act the part. They must possess what is called “executive presence” (EP). So crucial and invaluable it is in the workplace and business world that a majority of senior executives believe Read More

Getting out of debt for the new year

Getting out of debt and saving money are two of the most commonly made and broken new year resolutions. The reason, as finanical advisor Rose Miller explains, is that the goals are often set in unrealistic terms.“Rather than trying to pay off all your loans in just one year, especially if you have a large Read More

60 UTech, Jamaica students awarded 60th anniversary scholarships

President of the University of Technology, Jamaica, Professor Stephen Vasciannie on Friday presented $6 million in scholarships to 60 undergraduate students as part of the institution’s 60th anniversary celebrations.The scholarship programme is called The University of Technology, Jamaica 60th Anniversary Award. Click here to read full story

Seven reasons you should learn Mandarin Chinese 1 2 4 5 6

Mandarin Chinese is the official language of China — the second largest country in the world — and Taiwan. It is also one of the official languages of Singapore and is spoken by many Chinese communities around the world.Here are seven reasons you should learn to speak it. Click here to read full story

Garfield Irvin: Marine Terminal Manager

New Fortress Energy (NFE) began Jamaica’s transition from heavy, costly and emissions-laden diesel to Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) back in 2016 when it converted the 120-megawatt Bogue power plant in Montebo Bay operated by Jamaica Public Service from diesel to natural gas.The state-of-the-art LNG terminal also provides LNG to rganisations like Red Stripe. Click here Read More

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