Charges Dropped Against Family who cheered "too loudly!"

Jun 10, 2015 | G-BLOG | 0 comments

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The Senatobia High School Superintendent in Mississippi, who issued “disrupting the peace” papers to family members for cheered “too loudly” at their loved one’s highschool graduation, decided to DROP ALL charges against the accused yesterday.
The family members in question will not face any jail time or pay any fines. According to the Associated Press Jay Foster said in a statement that his actions were effective in this matter.

“We felt like at this point that we had accomplished our goal, which was, if you disrupt the ceremony, not only could you be escorted out,” he said “but you could face possible charges. It’s really nothing more than a ticket, but it could cost you.”
While Foster argued that he was merely trying to maintain a respectful manner during the ceremony, the accused and their relatives aren’t showing forgiveness right away.
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Contributor: Simone Douglas (follow on twitter: @SSDProductions)

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