Comedy: Africa vs. West Indies

Nov 17, 2013 | G-BLOG | 0 comments

It’s Sunday night and Team Africa is pacing back stage awaiting any member from Team West Indies to pass them in the hallway — just to grab an opportunity to roast them before the rounds start in front of a packed house — all players have one goal and that’s to win!
The Juice Cup, titled sponsor, Ritz Caribbean Foods, is a postscript rematch to defeat Team Africa who won last year’s inaugural championship! This event becomes increasingly bigger and better, with this year’s comedian having the audience in a three hour course of diversely flavoured comic brilliance.
Coaches MC Bonde and Dr. Jay (resident G98.7FM on-air personalities) deliver pep talks in their perspective dressing rooms/training camps — ignoring hallway disses, avoiding joke jerk-reactions and mapping out a clear jocular strategy.
Round one and two, Africa starts off strong, as Sharif & Arthur Simeon (Uganda) versus Sterling Scott & Jean Paul (Trinidad).
Half time entertainment – Azonto dance duo, proceeding by Ritz Restaurant’s dreadlock mascot executing dance moves such as the butterfly and gully creeper!
Round three, Team Africa headliner Trixx (Ghana) pushes boundaries and has the crowd (even the tight lipped Jamaicans who most likely vowed not to show any ‘disrespect’ by laughing with the opposition) deadin’ wid laugh!
Lastly, dancehall entrance music fills the Toronto Arts Centre; striker for Team West Indies, dressed in dapper, Jay Martin (Jamaica) describes his account of surviving Jamaica’s famous four level night club only through eye communication and body language.
The audience loves him and so do the judges!
Africa is dismissed off the stage with their ‘carouches’ and West Indies is declared The Juice Cup Champions! Yuh dun know!
2014 – Tiebreaker…

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