Cyber Crime The End of Privacy Means the End Democracy

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The End of Privacy Means the End Democracy

  Democracy can not endure in a world where ones private thoughts, feelings, sentiments, ideas can not be protected. In these times of globalization the long forgotten threat of outside attack via arms is now dwarfed by the onslaught of mass cyber attacks currently being experienced here in Canada. Though the threats are from the same entities with the same intentions they have for some reason been all but ignored especially by the mainstay media. Between the periods of Jan 2011-Jan 2012 in Canada we saw the unprecedented spike of 319% in cyber crime with the emergence of over 5000 new phishing sites. This placed Canada at a #2 ranking worldwide for cyber crime 2nd only to Egypt who as you may have heard had to divert its attention elsewhere in the wake of their countries civic unrest. Many of Canada’s core societal systems have been targeted and compromised by cyber assailants like the latest in the form of the Heart Bleed Bug.  Some attacks have targeted social media, emails, gmail, hotmail, twitter, facebook & financial institutions, media outlets, along with government sites like the Canada Revenue Agency, court files, law enforcement files and even attempts to hack the Canadian National Defence network.  The motives seem to vary vastly from criminal, corporate, political, religious to general demographical data retention for research. It has been suggested that all of the aforementioned possess pro Big Brother type implications.  There are vultures who have innovated a new industry of extortion whereas they befriend girls online engage in a online relationships solicit them for nude photos then use those nude photos in order to extort the girls for money. ABC news did a in depth look at this practice document Miss USA, Scarlett Johanson, Britney Spears along with a myriad of other celebrities who have had their personal devices illegally accessed their cameras turned on and images recorded without them even knowing it. Perhaps one of the most tragic instances was found with 14 year old Amanda Todd who after sending over images to a man posing as a teen online was tormented for months before taking her own life. What I find most interesting is what is not being discussed and that is that her father was a senior official within the RCMP which apparently had some individuals questioning whether or not children and close associates of civic servants are being identified and targeted.
Recently the Heart Bleed Bug reeked havoc within Canada typified by the theft of 900 profiles. If a 19 year Old student could so easily manipulate the existing security infrastructure of a government agency that spends tens of millions of dollars a year in order to prevent such attacks how would the average home internet consumer protect themselves from those engaged in the same or similar criminal acts. The new Minister of Safety and the head of the RCMP in a Huffington Post article both agreed that the most significant threat to the sovereignty, safety and well being of Canadians is the cyber crime. The RCMP commissioner Bob Paulson has warned Public Safety Minister Steven Blaney the government must do more to fight cybercrime an expanding threat the top Mountie says is undermining the economy and putting Canadians at risk.
After contributing to a news story on crime and corruption I myself have had personal devices illegally accessed intellectual properties stolen or removed, pictures & videos along with grossly false lies propagated in the interest of discrediting my character. Cyber crime takes on a far more nefarious tone when engaged in by those members of our society involved in organized criminal, political, religious extremist practice around the Globe who coordinate with their associates here in Canada.
 Impersonation is one of the most prevalent crimes today with stories of 7 month old children with mortgages and cyber thieves on the constant hunt for internet surfers with inadequate security software.  A new age and culture of crime requires a new approach, attitude, and understanding in respect to the manner and content of what we share on the internet. Imagine if Facebook or Twitter was around in the days of Hitler and his 3rd Reich, well they would not of had to search attics or basements for Blacks & Jews all they would of had to do was study our online habits i.e. Every Thursday Paul tweets that he is at his daughters swim lessons or is on his way to the cottage. These types of insights would serve as a road map allowing those to track & easily acquire their targets. If you tweet that you are going away for 3 weeks that sends a flare up into the air a mile high to potential thieves who follow your tweets not for your candid insights, fabulous pictures, or motivational quotes but so they can best educate and equip themselves to use that information to the benefit of their own criminal ambitions.
       20 Years ago the sun was not nearly as harmful as it is today with the UV rays and Ozone depletion the subsequent increase in incidence of skin cancer we were forced to evolve our thinking, now wearing sun screen is an absolute must. Similarly 20 years ago the internet was young new and revolutionary, we never dreamt that it could be used by entities outside of our Country in order to undermine our way of living, thinking, & being It’s now time to reevaluate. The Canada Revenue Service couldn’t protect its cyber operations what about those security systems that have cctv cameras inside your house? Those cameras are susceptible to compromise hence it is completely feasible that internet hackers could access them watch and record images of things happening in your own home a Big Brother “Nazi Fascist Wet Dream”  
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