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Snap Out Of It!: A Cure For Derealization

“Derealization” is a dissociative experience that causes the external world to feel dreamlike and so far 74% of people have experienced it.
This complex syndrome is believed to be one of the body’s natural coping mechanisms, during intense periods of anxiety (as occurs with panic disorder and other severe stress disorders). To overcome such pressures, the mind essentially tunes out the world in order to cope.
Doctors and psychologists generally agree that the best way to stop derealization is with mindfulness. This includes forcing yourself to perform an action and focus as much as possible on that action in order to get yourself back in tune with the world.
For example:
Touch something warm or cold. Focus on the warmth or cold.
Pinch yourself so that you feel how real you are.
Try to find a single object and start identifying what it is and what you know about it.
Count something in the room. Identify what they are.
Utilize your senses in any way possible, the goal is to keep your eyes moving and get your brain thinking!
Image/Source: anxietysecrets.com, calmclinic.com

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