Donald Says He DID NOT Give Wife Permission To Sell Clippers

May 28, 2014 | G-BLOG | 0 comments


So according to, the reports saying that DONALD STERLING is allowing his wife SHELLY sell the L.A. Clippers are apparently FALSE!
Sterling’s lawyer told ESPN yesterday that Don has NO INTENTION of sell the Clippers and plans to, “fight to the bloody end.” – HAHA!
This is where the story gets confusing – Shelly’s attorney said yesterday that she has an agreement with Donald . . . IN WRITING . . . to sell the team, including his share, and she’s working with the NBA to do so!
“He disavows anything she’s doing to sell the team,” Sterling’s lawyer says, “It’s my team and I’ll sell it when and if I get around to it.” 
Sterling also sent a 32-page legal response to the NBA denying every single charge against him and asking that they cancel the June 3rd hearing at which the other owners are supposed to vote on his fate as the NBA team’s owner.
Sterling’s lawyer says the NBA violated his Constitutional rights by spurning him too quickly based on a recording that he did NOT agree to.

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