Eeeeediot Ting!!!! (Today's idiotic news story of the day)

Jan 3, 2013 | G-BLOG | 0 comments

Why Facebook and politics don’t mix…
40-year-old Lowell Turpin of Clinton, Tennessee probably regrets not following the recent U.S. presidential election after a domestic disturbance incident in which Turpin punched his girlfriend and smashed her computer after accusing his girlfriend 38-year-old Crystal Gray of having an affair after seeing a picture of her and a ‘mysterious’ man on her Facebook page.
The man in the picture was former Republican Presidential candidate Mitt Romney.
Gray told Turpin that the man in question was the former Presidential candidate Romney. The 310-pound man refused to listen and his verbal assault turned physical.
Turpin has been charged with domestic assault and is currently in jail where he is awaiting bail.
Congratulations Lowell Turpin, you are today’s ‘Eeeeediot Ting!!!

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