Eeeeediot Ting!!!! (Today’s idiotic news story of the day)

Jan 4, 2013 | G-BLOG | 0 comments


A Kenyan conman has been charged for allegedly pretending to be an assistant police commissioner of police.
The man has been under disguise of the assistant police commissioner for the past 5 years.
Joshua Waiganjo is the alleged conman and is said to have hired and fired police officers during his 5 year venture.
Waiganjo was reportedly uncovered after flying on a police helicopter to investigate a massacre of officers.
The man has pleaded not guilty on two counts of impersonating a police officer, one of illegal possession of police uniforms and one of robbery with violence.
Nairobi’s police spokesman told a local station that Waiganjo was not paid a salary by the police service during his five years of impersonation.
Congratulations to Joshua Waiganjo and policemen who failed to see the pretender for the past 5 years on being today’s ‘Eeeeediot Ting!!!

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