Eighties singer and Prince Protegée Denise "Vanity" Matthews Dies at 57

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Canadian singer Vanity whose real name was Denise Katrina Mathews passed away yesterday at the age of 57.

The former singer sang lead in Prince’s 80’s group Vanity 6 and starred in 80’s movies “Action Jackson” and “The last Dragon”. 

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In 1994, she suffered a near-fatal overdose on crack cocaine that left her kidneys so damaged she required regular dialysis for the rest of her life. That year, she became a born-again Christian – and even denounced her years as a performer, saying that she wasn’t happy at the time.

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Her family confirmed her death on Monday in Fremont, California, as a result of a small intestine infection. 

Source: dailymail.co.uk/Image: nightflight.com

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