Frequently Asked Questions

Does G98.7 define itself as a "Black" station?

G98.7 is a commercial radio station that is offering a Black music format that is loved by people of all cultural backgrounds. Our listenership and our staff are very diverse. Our interactive talk programming will also reflect the diversity of our audience, while also addressing issues of direct concern to members of the Black & Caribbean community, who have been missing a voice on mainstream radio stations. The term “Black music” simply refers to the music’s origin…its source…its foundation. Black music encompasses a broad range of genres (including R&B, Soul, Reggae, Soca, Hip Hop, Gospel, African, and Smooth Jazz) that are loved, appreciated, and performed by people of ALL cultural backgrounds. We encourage, welcome, embrace, and celebrate the diversity of our staff, our listenership, and the artists whose songs we play. Umbrella terms such as “Black music” or “Urban music” are used within the radio context in order to describe the breadth of musical formats that we are playing.

What makes G98.7 unique?

We are targeting an older age demographic (25-54). G98.7 is delivering the first ever Urban Adult Contemporary (AC) format to the Greater Toronto Area, encompassing a broad and mature mix of new and old R&B, Soul, Reggae, Hip Hop, Gospel and Smooth Jazz music. The music that we are playing has never before had a 24/7 home on Canadian commercial radio. We offer a mature urban sound and will provide the core 25-54 demographic with unique and engaging news and interactive talk programming on issues relating to their every day experiences. There’s been a huge void in the market, and we are filling it.

Who owns G98.7?

G98.7 is owned by Intercity Broadcasting Network Inc. The majority controlling shareholder is G98.7 Founder, President, CEO & Station Manager Fitzroy Gordon. The radio station is 100% Canadian-owned, and the ownership is 85% of Black & Caribbean descent.

What is G98.7’s community mandate? What organizations is G98.7 supporting?

Our community presence is a major part of the station’s mandate. We are currently exploring official partnerships, and we look forward to working with a broad range of organizations in a variety of ways. Our on-air announcers will be actively involved in community activities.

Will the signal problems in the east end of the city be addressed?

We regret the frustration being experienced by those in the east end of the city, particularly in parts of Scarborough, Pickering, and Ajax, where a significant portion of our listening audience resides. However, the interference that our listeners are experiencing is caused by CBC’s 98.7 Peterborough frequency, which is a repeater of CBC’s Toronto 99.1 frequency that already serves this market. CBC’s Peterborough frequency on 98.7 FM is filtering through the GTA and outside of Peterborough and area, and it is reaping havoc on G98.7’s signal in the east end of the city. We ask all of you to join us in appealing to the CBC to reduce their Peterborough signal that is spilling into the GTA. This will enable us to properly reach the audience that we have been mandated to serve. Email us at describe the signal interference issues that you are experiencing. Be sure to include your full name, phone number, and the area of the city where you are experiencing the problem.

Will the station be carried on cable?

Yes, we have begun the process of being carried on cable and satellite television. We are streaming live on the web 24/7 at

Is there a G98.7 mobile app?

Yes. Our iPhone App is available for FREE download on iTunes (Click Here for iPhone App).

Our Android App is available for FREE download on Google Play (Click Here for Android App).

Our Blackberry App is available for FREE download on (Click Here for Blackberry App).

People can currently access G98.7 via their mobile phones by using the TuneIn Radio app (