Feel Good Moment (01/15/14): A Woman's Dog Saves Her Life

Jan 15, 2014 | Uncategorized | 2 comments

A 61-year-old woman in England was alone at her house on New Year’s Eve, and started choking on a piece of chocolate. 
The dog she was taking care of immediately jumped up on the couch, stood on its hind legs, and used its front legs to hit her in the chest, dislodge the chocolate, and save her LIFE. And it’s not clear if she was depressed because she didn’t have plans, or what.  But she got into a box of chocolates.  And around 11:30, she popped a piece in her mouth and started CHOKING on it.
Now, Lesley was alone, except for a dog named Nell that she’s been taking care of while it’s training to be a seeing-eye dog. And at first, Nell didn’t even notice Lesley was in trouble, and just kept sleeping on the floor.  But once Nell saw Lesley start running around in a panic, she woke up and jumped on the couch, which Lesley says she NEVER does.
Then she got up on her hind legs, and used her front legs to HIT Lesley in the chest . . . which dislodged the chocolate! According to Lesley, Nell HASN’T been trained to deal with a choking victim, but somehow seemed to know exactly what to do.
And that’s your Feel Good Moment of the day!
Source/Image: DailyMail.co.uk

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  1. Stephan Alexander

    Hello Mark,
    I really enjoy your listening to your morning show brother and love the positivity the G98.7 shares. Not to mention the serious jams you all lay down that take me back with a smile bro!
    I was hoping you could help me out. I will be a keynote speaker at an event dinner for the Lloyd Christopher Skeen Dream Never Dies Foundation in memory of my dear friend and brother who past away suddenly almost 10 years ago. I have been given the theme to speak on which is “Irrational Optimism” and I am looking for material and inspiration on what I think are fantastic examples of precisely that.
    I briefly heard a story on your morning “Feel Good” segment on 17/01/14 about a reformed white supremacist that cited Keisha Thomas’s altruistic acts of 1996 as part of the reason he reformed. I however missed his name. Could you please email the name of that person.
    Thanks again for your time, energy and enthusiasm!!! You and the G98.7 crew truly raise Toronto UP!!!
    Peace and Love


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