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     Fitzroy Gordon

Fitzroy Gordon has more than 25 years of experience in radio and television broadcasting and the print media.During this period Mr. Gordon served in the capacity as radio talk show host, sports reporter, R&B/Gospel music and television call-in show host.   Mr. Gordon is well-known for his 19 years as Producer Host of CHIN Radio’s Dr. Love Show, a variety program featuring music, news, and call-in segments on a broad range of topics such as sports, relationships, current affairs, and politics.   He has covered World Cup cricket and track and field in the summer Olympics.  He has been active in International Sports for more than 15 years as a journalist/broadcaster. He worked as sports host on The Score television network and has also been instrumental in creating and hosting the International Sports Show on The Fan 590. Prior to beginning his radio career, Mr. Gordon was a sports columnist with the Toronto Sun as well as the North American Gleaner & Star and the Contrast newspaper. Mr. Gordon’s background as a sports commentator also includes being the play-by-play commentary voice (alongside famous West Indies fast bowler Michael Holding) for the West Indies vs. Rest-of-the-World Match at Skydome which was broadcast live on 89.5 FM and across the Caribbean. He was also the voice of the famous Indian-Pakistan cricket series in Toronto during the mid-90s. His passion for international sports came from his background as a talented cricketer in Jamaica, where he played at the same cricket club with some of the best players in the West Indies, such as Lawrence Rowe, Desmond Lewis, Basil Williams, Richard Austin, and Herbert Chang. In Canada, he also played for the West Indies Toronto & District Cricket League Team as a fast bowler. Mr. Gordon first fell in love with radio at the age of nine when he bought a pocket radio with money he earned while working with his Grandmother pulling weeds from the flowers in HopeBotanical Gardens in Jamaica.  For years, that radio never left his side, and he has been living and breathing radio ever since.   Fitzroy Gordon founded Canada’s only Black and Caribbean owned and operated radio station G98.7FM, which was licensed on June 9, 2011 and officially launched in November of the same year. Mr. Gordon has dedicated this radio station to provide a voice for the Black and Caribbean population of Canada and to all Canadians who love and enjoy our culture.   Most recently, Mr. Gordon has made history again when he was granted approval from the Canadian Radio Television and Telecommunications Commission (CRTC) to operate Canada’s first ever national Black and Caribbean television station, which is slated to be launched in the fall of 2015.





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