Ford Staffer claims to know location of alleged Ford Cocaine video

May 28, 2013 | G-BLOG | 0 comments

According to the Toronto Star today, a staffer on Mayor Rob Ford’s committee claims to know the whereabouts of the alleged video that has been the centre of a growing controversy at city hall, CP24 reports.
When asked about the allegations Ford replied, “You’d have to ask my staff. I don’t know.”
On May 16, reporters with the Toronto Star and Gawker alleged they had viewed cellphone video that appeared to show the mayor smoking from a glass pipe.
Around that time, The Star reported that Somali drug dealers approached the paper wanting to sell the video for a six-figure sum, but the newspaper refused and the alleged video hasn’t surfaced since.
Ford continues to deny that the video exists saying the allegations are “ridiculous” and “absolutely not true.”
On a side note, Happy 44th Birthday Mr. Mayor!

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