Google Maps A little Too Efficient?

Nov 19, 2013 | G-BLOG | 0 comments

Father Heart Broken from Still Shot of Dead Son on Google Maps

A heart broken father in California pleads with Google to take the images down of what appears to be his slain sons body.
His son Kevin Barrera was shot and killed in 2009.
According to Jose Barrera, There are satellite images on Google maps that show his son’s lifeless body next to train tracks in Richmond, California with a police car and officers surrounding the area.
Speaking with a local new station Barrera said, “when I see this image, it’s like it happened yesterday.” He adds, “ And that brings me back to a lot of memories.”
Google Maps vice-president Brian McClendon responded by saying ,”Google has never accelerated the replacement of updated satellite imagery from our maps before, but given the circumstance we wanted to make an exception in this case.”
According to the BBC, Google’s satellite images tend to be one to three years old and there is no facility to report satellite images, unlike its StreetView images.
Source: BBC

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