Guy Gets Arrested For Voluntarily Mopping Hotel Floor!

Oct 16, 2014 | G-BLOG | 0 comments

Mark and Jem’s Eeediot Ting 

A 30-year-old guy was staying at a DoubleTree hotel in Connecticut on Monday and noticed a 27-year-old employee doing a bad job mopping a floor!
Frustrated by what he saw, he grabbed the mop and started mopping the floor for her. 
The police report says he was, “mopping aggressively” and wound up backing her into a corner. 
The cleaner, who was left “shaken” by the attack, will be pressing charges.  He was arrested for breach of peace. On the bright side the hotel ended up really clean….
(Photo taken from American medical comedy-drama series ‘Scrubs’ 2001-2010)

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