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Guyana Opens First Marriott Hotel! | G98.7FM

     Guyana Opens First Marriott Hotel!

April 22, 2015

G98.7FM Entertainment News



Guyana may be getting some brand new visitors as the country opened its first Marriott Hotel.


The international chain is the first major brand to open in the South American country in over 45 years. The 197 room Guyana Marriott International Georgetown cost 58 million and boy is it worth it, as the hotel giant is also building a 20 thousand square foot entertainment centre complete with a casino to complement the hotel.


Of course its great news for the locals, because that means great jobs! More than 200 Guyanese associates will have more than 300 hours of Marriott world-class training to get ready for the influx of international guests.


The good news doesn’t stop there, Ramada will also be rebranding its Princess Hotel and the Cheddi Jagan international Airport will be expanded so those large planes can land smoothly.




Contributor: Charlene McCallum (follow on twitter: @CharleneCMCC)





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