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Jul 16, 2020 | G-BLOG | 0 comments

G98.7FM is currently in a court mandated sale process. Please be advised no entity or individual outside of the court appointed Receiver of Farber Group is authorized to coordinate and/or solicit funds on behalf of Intercity Broadcasting Network Inc. (G98.7FM).

Any enquiries regarding the sale of G987FM should be directed to the Receiver by contacting Peter Crawley by Telephone at 416.496.3507 or by email at pcrawley@farbergroup.com

DO NOT donate or provide funding to any individual or organization who claim to be raising funds on behalf of Intercity Broadcasting Network Inc, G987FM or the Estate of the Late Fitzroy A. Gordon.

Intercity Broadcasting Network Inc. (G987FM) WILL NOT be held responsible for any funds solicited, collected or donated outside of the Court Mandated Receivership of Farber Group.

Thank You,

Marvette Powell – Board of Directors, Intercity Broadcasting Network Inc.

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