Jamaican Supernatural Trilogy In The Works!

Oct 8, 2014 | G-BLOG | 0 comments

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A brand new epic supernatural trilogy will be produced in Jamaica.
The films will be based on the legend of Annie Palmer- the White Witch of Rose Hall and get this – the thrillers will be written and executive produced by Jeffery Reddick, the creator of the 650 million dollar franchise “Final Destination”!
But who is the White witch of Rose Hall?  Well Annie Palmer was an English- Irish woman born in Haiti in the early 1880s. After ‘Yellow Fever’ claimed her parents, her nanny adopted her, and taught her about witchcraft and moved to Jamaica.
That’s when things get interesting, legend has it that she married John Palmer, owner of the rose Hall Plantation, but murdered him and her next two husbands and several male slaves.
The film will be on set beginning next year, with a 20-30 million-dollar budget. Sounds like an exciting thriller!
Source/Image: loopjamaica.com

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