JLP’s Richard Azan Back In The Saddle!

Nov 26, 2013 | G-BLOG | 0 comments


The Jamaican people are still trying to get answers as an alleged corrupted Politian gets his position back.
The scandal started to unfold in the spring and as the season changed more and more dirt was uncovered, according to reporters done by the Jamaican Gleaner and Jamaican Observer have revealed that Richard Azan of the Jamaica Labour Party, admitted to facilitating 10 wooden shops in the Spaldings Market and his office was receiving payment from shop renters in the parish of Calredon, without permission of council.
After tons of backlash from the community Azan ultimately resigned in September.
According to RJR news, the Director of Public Prosecutions ruled that no criminal charges could be laid against him in the Spalding Market issue.
Shortly after that ruling on Nov. 14 Azan was reappointed, he was sworn at a function at Kings House to position of Junior Works minister.
Seeking answers a young JVC news reporter attempted to ask Jamaican Prime Minister Portia Simpson Miller about the decision she avoided the question and instead decided to comment on the manner of which the question was being asked.
Clearly she wouldn’t be able to survive the media in Toronto, who ripped Mayor Ford to pieces over the past year.
I’m reaching out to the G family for some feedback.
1) Do you think the Prime minister of Jamaica should have given Richard Azan his position back?
2) Was she justified in not answering the reporter’s question because she felt disrespected?
Please leave your comments below.

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