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Kerry Lee Crawford | G98.7FM

     Kerry Lee Crawford


Kerry-Lee Crawford is a renowned on-air host at G987fm and co-founder of a unique movement called The LOVE Project.


As a founding member of the Multi-Juno Nominated Platinum and Gold selling Babyblue Sound Crew whose success aided in the launch of recording artists careers such as Sean Paul, Glenn Lewis, Jully Black and Kardinal Offisial to name a few Kerry has lived a lifetime in the world of entertainment. Kerry’s musical exploits carried him all around the world working with the “who’s who” of the urban elite.


After stepping aside from the world of music Kerry-Lee utilized his education and firsthand experience to bring a unique perspective to the world of News Media as a producer, consultant & contributor appearing on various programs for broadcasters Discovery Channel, Sports Net & the Score while lending his voice to CBC Radio One, T.S.N and the Raptor Channel.


Today Kerry-Lee Crawford inspires the minds and empowers the hearts of thousands of people through his speaking and motivational appearances to help guide them to be the best they can be through his mentoring programs across Canada. Famously quoted for stating, “There is No Defense against LOVE…” The driving force behind the LOVE Project which simply states “We are Better when we endeavour to work Together” Kerry reinforces that sentiment every day on his Program “Steps After Dark,” from 10:00 pm to 1:00 am on G98.7fm “Helping the World Fall Back into Love.”


2016 promises to be Kerry’s biggest year ever as we will see the release of Kerry’s first published works “Love Has No Color “Insight into the World of Weapons of Mass Deception & Accidental Intentions that ultimately set the stage for hate.


A tireless devotion to the passionate pursuit of Peace, Joy, and Justice via the advocacy for Love, Tolerance and Inclusion, Kerry Lee Crawford raises his voice for clarity highlighting the plight of some of the most vulnerable members of our society.


Love is the Brand Spread the Word.


Twitter @StepsAfterDark



Coming Soon





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