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Get Salon-Looking Nails – FOR LESS!!!

As ladies we love getting our nails done, but in a time of saving, sometimes those trips to the nail salon can take a toll on our wallets. On average Manicure’s cost 20 -40 dollars depending on the type, style, cut and more. How about finding a way to do it yourself at a cost of less than $9.00.
Kiss is a brand that allows you to bring the salon home. Their full cover nail kit comes with 10 different sizes and can be shaped and filed to your pleasure. The kit cost less than $9.00 before taxes and can be found at Shoppers Drugmart or Target in the cosmetics department.
To apply simply:

  1. Clean your nails of any polish or oil (using a nail polish remover)
  2. Trim and file the free edge of your nail
  3. Push the cuticles back with a manicure stick
  4. Roughen the entire nail surface using the fine side of the file (this will ensure maximum adhesion and strength)
  5. Select proper size artificial nail for each finger
  6. Hold artificial nail by numbered edge and apply nail glue on the back area up until edge, where it will come contact with your nail (make sure there are no air pockets)
  7. Use cuticle as a pivot point, slowly lower nail onto natural nail and hold for 10 seconds
  8. Shape the artificial nail to desired length
  9. Polish and admire!



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