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How to Remove Salt Stains

Get Rid Of The Salt, Once And For All!
Huffington Post was so kind to inform us on this neat way to get rid of the salt on our boots.  It just kills the whole swag right? Watch the video for a do-it-yourself tutorial on how to get the salt off your boots. Below are some additional tips. 
[vsw id=”GQ-g84lnyzg” source=”youtube” width=”425″ height=”344″ autoplay=”no”]
Now, if you don’t have waterproof boots or you’re looking for others ways to protect your soles in the winter, Blundstone Canada has tips to consider:
Take preventative buying measures: Purchase boots that have a limited number of seams. With fewer seams, there are fewer places where water can seep through.
Dry out moisture: If your boots get wet, stuff them with newspaper to absorb the moisture and keep the shape of the boot. Always dry your boots at room temperature, and never with artificial heat, as it can dry out and fade the leather.
Weatherproof: After cleaning your boots with a damp cloth, dress leather boots with a wax-based treatment to keep the boots weatherproof and pliable.
Polish: Provide your boots with an extra barrier against the elements with a quick polish. Once your boots are completely dried, apply a regular polish and buff with a separate cloth to strengthen and protect the leather.

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