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There is no excuse for dry skin in the winter!

As the weather begins to plunge into the negatives and the wind chills start to swirl out of control, your face, hands and other exposed skin will be taking a beating.
I will like to take this time to introduce the power of a great all natural moisturizer that will provide a thin layer of protection for your face, body and even your hair against the harsh dry winter.
Shea butter is my life style tip for this week. Shea butter is an ivory-colored fat extracted from the nut of the African Shea tree. In its raw form it comes in a solid block.
The butter is easy to apply once you rub it in your hands  it quickly melts into a smooth creamy substance.
Shea butter is commonly recommended to pregnant woman to help elevate the itch from stretching skin and minimize stretch-marks.  It also has anti- inflammatory, emollient and humectant properties and can be used on sore joints to relieve pain.
But as frost-bite starts to nip, and dry skin becomes more noticeable it’s important to invest in a moisturizer that will help keep moisture locked in. ‘The Magic Butter’, as I like to call it nourishes the skin with Vitamins A, E and F depending on the concentration and the type you purchase.
The type of Shea butter you invest in is essential to how effective the product is. I have purchased the magic butter from major franchises such as the ‘Body Shop’ and ‘Wal-Mart’– I found them to be a tad watery, over powered by perfumes and loaded with chemicals.
I personally recommend that you purchase Shea butter in its raw form, which can be found in African-Caribbean hair stores or grocery stores.
Source:, Moogoo

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