Mark and Jem’s Idiot Ting

Sep 9, 2013 | G-BLOG | 0 comments

When protecting your child goes to the extreme…

The mother of a kindergarten boy in Kansas City received a citation last week Thursday night, physically assaulting her son’s teacher.

Police say 24 year-old Simone A. Baker who allegedly entered the  Truman Elementary School and headed directly to the unidentified teacher’s classroom at about 6 p.m, saying to the teacher “You better not touch my kid again” then punching the 49-year-old in the head five to ten times.

Baker jerked the teacher out of her chair by her hair, and smashed her head against a filing cabinet –TWICE! Baker then exited the building swiftly, passing the principal who was heading toward the same classroom and found the teacher in excruciating pain.

The reason for the beat down? – Earlier in the day,  Baker’s six-year-old son had come home with a scratch on his neck. He apparently told his mother that the teacher caused it when she had punished him for something during the school day.

Moral of the Story: Do not mess with Mama Bear’s cub, she will mess you up!


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