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Black Family kicked out of Applebee’s for Kids Being ‘Too Active’


But kids just wanna have fun?!




Last Sunday night, Eli Gau and his wife Lillian took their two sons to an Applebee’s restaurant in Katy, Texas for dinner.




Everything seemed normal until their 3 year-old wandered away from the table, (as children sometimes do) and when Eli grabbed his son and headed back to the table, the manager was walking toward him saying his children were making too much noise and told them to leave the ‘family-friendly’ restaurant.




And to top it off, the manager had already called the police, who were waiting for them outside the restaurant.




The Harris County Sheriff’s Deputy gave them a notice warning them for CRIMINAL TRESPASSING!




Wow, overreacting much?




Since then an Applebee’s  spokesperson has apologized for the incident, inviting the couple back for a free dinner, but the two who say they are ‘heartbroken’ at what happened will take their business elsewhere – way to stand your ground!






Many reports have said that this could have been a hate crime or a racial thing, what do you think?

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