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Brazilian Family Living with Full Grown Tigers


The dad-of-three rescued two of the tigers from a circus eight years ago, and has since multiplied the endangered species in his home in Brazil.

The striped man-eaters now live in a garden sanctuary alongside Ary, his wife and three daughters.

The tigers even swim with Nayara, 20, Uyara, 23, and Deusanira, 24, in the family’s backyard pool.

Ary, 43, said: “I was never worried about my daughters co-existing with these animals. You have to show the animals respect and love – that’s how you get it back from them.”


The girls feed meat directly into the mouths of the fully-grown cats as they join their human friends in the kitchen for dinner – they even lounge around the house in the evenings.


Perhaps even more shocking, Ary lets his two-year-old granddaughter Rayara take a ride on the backs of the predators.

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