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Nov 18, 2013 | G-BLOG | 0 comments

Some moviegoers are just SERIOUS about their movies…

71-year-old Annette Dimon was seeing “12 Years a Slave” in Florida last Wednesday when 38 year-old Jean Pierre Louis’ cell phone who was sitting in front of her kept ringing.  
Eventually Dimon got annoyed and allegedly kicked his chair, and when Louis stood up she hit him in the FACE! – she was really into the movie!
He ended up not pressing charges because he didn’t want quote, an “old lady” to go to jail. 
Now for what it’s worth, we don’t know if Louis is black, but that part of Florida has a heavy French-speaking Haitian population, and Dimon is white.  
So at least on the surface, it seems like an older white lady hit a younger black guy in the face during “12 Years a Slave”.  Wow!

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