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Nov 22, 2013 | G-BLOG | 0 comments

Man’s Entire Estate Left to His Two Cats!

Memphis, Tennessee native Leon Sheppard, Sr., died last December at the age of 79, but instead of leaving his earthly possessions to his offspring, he left it to his other ‘non-human’ family…
Sheppard who lived in a 4,270-square-foot home in a gated community, and had a trust fund worth $250,000, left EVERYTHING to his CATS! HAHA!
His Will states that his older cat, Frisco, is entitled to all of his property and money, and his younger cat, Jake, must be taken care of.
Sheppard’s human family consisting of his 5 children, 12 grandchildren and 6 great-grandchildren, won’t inherit their share of the money, until Frisco passes… I smell a future homicide here…
Until then, Frisco and Jake can enjoy all the catnip they ever wanted, and lounge around to their hearts content… looks like Sheppard had the last laugh here!
Although bizarre, this sort of thing has happened before… New York hotel heiress Leona Helmsley, left her $12 million estate to her dog, Trouble…. LOL, ironic much?!

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