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Nov 27, 2013 | G-BLOG | 0 comments

Woman Refuses Car Plates After Finding It ‘Offensive’

St. Louis Missouri resident Deb Levy refused a license plate issued to her earlier this month, saying it looked offensive.
The license plate reads ‘WHOR8X’ but according to Levy, this plate spells “Whor(e), 8 times!!! and although the plate is missing an “E”, she says that most people who look at it see a dirty word.
Levy was told she would have to pay $17 if she wanted a new combination of numbers and letters, however that statement was upgraded to a ‘Free’ exchange, after local news channels ran the story…
Until her new (and less offensive) license plate arrives, Levy says she’ll be driving with her old expired plate, since her daughter also drives her car… lol  
Do you think this lady is over reacting? Comment below on what you think.

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