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A Spanish town mails Dog poop to owners who don’t clean up!

Dog owners in Brunette, Spain beware!

According to the Telegraph, the council of the small Spanish town launched a campaign to crack down on irresponsible dog owners.

In the course of one week in the month of February, a team of 20 volunteers patrolled the town’s streets for dog owners who failed to scoop their pet’s mess.

When discovered, a volunteer then approached the guilty owner, striking up a conversation to secretly discover the name and breed of the dog.

With this information volunteers identified the owner from a registered pet database held in the town hall.

Volunteers then scooped up the dog’s mess, packaged it in a box branded with the town hall’s insignia and delivered the box marked ‘Lost Property’ to the owner’s home.

In all, 147 “street poop” deliveries were made during the course of the week in February and the town with 10,000 residents has since reported a 70 per cent drop in the amount of dog mess found in its streets.

A similar attempt to tackle this issue had dog owners being chased by a remote controlled dog ‘mess on wheels’ with the label “Don’t leave me – pick me up”!


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