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Russian Artist Refers To This Racist Chair as “Art”!

A shocking racist photo released on Martin Luther King Day (that day of all days!) pictured Dasha Zhukova editor-in-chief of Russia’s Garage magazine atop a chair that looked like a black woman with a belted waist and thighs, legs raised in the air in a sexually suggestive position.
Zhukova later apologized for her role in the shoot saying that she made a regrettable” decision to pose with the racially charged, insensitive, inappropriate piece of “art.” She went on to say that the creator of the distasteful chair Bjarne Melgaard, wanted reaction to stem “commentary on gender and racial politics.”
Many folks didn’t buy the apology, including New York-based photographer Alexander Kargaltsev, who in protest did his own photo shoot, featuring a naked black man using a nude white man as a “chair”.
(Click Here to see the counter-photo.)
Kargaltsev explained: “I was forced to flee my native Russia because of ubiquitous homophobia and xenophobia, and it deeply saddens me to see that racism is now being glamorised and thus made not only acceptable but trendy by the likes of Ms Zhukova.
“My own composition reverses the visual injustice and offense perpetrated by that editorial and in a way restores the equality of genders, races, and sexual orientations.
“Sadly, I understand very well that my work will be seen by most Russians as provocative and inappropriate, while that repulsive image will hardly make anyone over there shake their head.”
Source:, TheSource
So what do you think of this photo? Do you believe it’s creator stating the chair to start a conversation on “gender and racial politics”, or do you think this Russian magazine was waaaaaay out of line! Tell us your thoughts below:

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