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Feb 6, 2014 | G-BLOG | 0 comments

Philippines “Wheel Of Torture”

And they this is their idea of fun?!
Human rights groups have criticized police in Manila, Philippines for their alleged use of a ‘torture wheel’ at a detention facility.
The “game” used to punish criminal suspects during interrogations, entailed victims
Being punched if the “torture wheel” stopped at “20 seconds Manny Pacman,” a reference to the popular Filipino boxer, where the detainee would be continuously punched for 20 seconds, or hung upside down if it stopped at a punishment called “30-second bat.”
A picture of the multi-colored wheel provided by the Commission on Human Rights showed several other tortures, including “3 minutes zombies” and “30-second duck walk/ferris wheel” but it was not immediately clear how those punishments were carried out.
The London-based rights group called the practice despicable.

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