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Feb 12, 2014 | G-BLOG | 0 comments

Toy Story Doll’s Toy Gun Gets Confiscated By Airport Security

Has airport security gone too far?
Heathrow Airport security in London, England successfully removed an inch-long, vaguely pistol-shaped piece of plastic from the possession of a ‘Woody’ toy of Toy Story fame, because it allegedly posed as threat. – HUH?!
The father who owns the Woody toy posted via said in his caption “I have travelled the world with Toy Story’s Woody, taking pics for my son. At Heathrow, security just confiscated his ‘weapon,’ keep the world safe boys.”
Here’s the interesting thing – in the Toy Story Trilogy, Woody doesn’t actually carry a gun, and as far as we can tell, no retail Woody dolls who are currently being sold don’t even come with a toy gun!
So I suppose airport security has the upper hand on this argument?
Now if you’ve been under the ‘bottom of the toy box’ in 1995, and haven’t heard of Toy Story, here’s a trailer:
[vsw id=”4KPTXpQehio” source=”youtube” width=”425″ height=”344″ autoplay=”no”]

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