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Feb 20, 2014 | G-BLOG | 0 comments

Police Taser Deaf Man For Show ‘Mis-Read’ Signals

On February 13th, Jonathan Meister of Hawthorne, California was loading boxes he left at a friend’s house into his car when cops who were told there may be a burglary at the house arrived at the scene.
Officers upon arriving told Meister to stop loading the boxes but because he was deaf, Meister did not hear the police officers’ commands. Meister then tried to use sign language to communicate with authorities, but of the officers mistook his hand motions for aggressive force. Authorities then punched Meister and kicked him and also allegedly shot him twice…with a taser!
Meister was eventually taken to hospital where he was charged with assaulting police officers. The charge was later dropped, and the officers involved are facing a lawsuit. Meister is also suing police for violating his rights as a disabled person under the American with Disabilities Act.

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