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Mar 13, 2014 | G-BLOG | 0 comments

Family Held Hostage By Family Cat!

A family in Oregon desperately called 911 last Sunday night after their 22-pound house cat who has a “history of violence,” attacked their infant child, and then tried attacking the rest of the family!
The baby’s father kicked the black-and-white Himalayan in the backside, but this only enraged the feline, causing Mom, Dad, baby and the family dog to run for cover to the nearest bedroom.
Lux the cat, scurried after them, blocking and scratching at the bedroom door. The family called 911 and Lux can clearly be heard on the call howling in rage outside of the locked door.
When authorities finally arrived, they saw Lux make a dash for the kitchen. Eventually, the ‘furry felon was cornered on top of a refrigerator and put behind the bars of this kennel.
Lux calmed down and returned to normal a short time later.

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