Mark and Jem's Idiot Ting – Jan.29.14

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Strange Encounters Of The Rebel Kind 
This morning’s edition of Mark and Jem’s Idiot Ting segment took us to the country of Sierra Leone in West Africa.
On a re-aired episode of “Locked Up Abroad” entitled Sierra Leone/Jungle Siege, (airing on the National Geographic Channel) an American Major asks a local rebel about the strange local beliefs and got one unexpected answer! Fast forward video below to 2:15 to find out more:
[vsw id=”Nr6AZnncqns#t=137″ source=”youtube” width=”425″ height=”344″ autoplay=”no”] 
If you didn’t catch that, the American Major asked the local rebel he ever ate anyone, and the guy said yes. Then the Major asked if it’s true what people say that humans taste like pork? The rebel answered “I don’t know I’m Muslim.” – An odd response don’t you think?

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